I can’t be your friend !!!


I felt too tired as I was about to reach my room. I switched off my cell as I just wanted to lie down peacefully without being disturbed by anyway. So the moments I opened the door and entered into my room, I just threw myself in the bed.

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To Hell with everything !!!

broken-glasses-oil-on-canvas-for-saleYes, to hell with everything. Very strong words to start with, but who cares !!!

Every thing that I have done, I have always had come with an explanation. And every thing turns out to be just a mess up.

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I am just a ‘thought’ !!!

images12“You are simply a thought” She smiled as she completed the remark.

I was dumbstruck hearing her statement. I could not say anything for few minutes and lot of puzzles started building inside my brain.

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I wish I had met you earlier !!!

images 5Sometimes certain situation comes in our life whose outcomes are beyond our control. Even if we don’t want to be part of it, we become part of it. And still we can’t control it. Somewhere someone keeps the control. We are just spectator as things unfold in front of us.

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U – turn of life ? #atozchallenge

images5“I must tell you God, it’s not I was easily disturbed by the bad things happening in my life. But, everything has a limit. It’s been long and I am only getting failures in life. I need some success, I need to feel successful” I asked him.

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