the another week

standing-aloneAnd many days passed like that, me still waiting for her, Subu still pressurizing me to approach Simi. It was one of those days when something interesting happened.

On that day we had a surprise class test on communication subject. And predictably enough I did horribly bad. But, I was glad that at least some of my classmates joined my fate.

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the another sunday

standing-aloneLike any other Sunday, I woke up late at around 11:30 am. I wish it’s not another boring Sunday. I looked for my roommate in his bed and then at his study table, he was not there. He must already ventured with others to the chai walla just outside the hostel. I took my cigarette, and lighted it.

The beginning of the day, and one more day closer to death. Will this be an another day without her?

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