a new beginning …

images1She opened the drawer of the table and looked at his picture for the last time. With a desperate attempt she stopped the drop of tear that was trying to ooze out of her eyes.

As she closed the drawer, she looked out of the window at the rising sun. The lights from the sun promised a new ray of hope and brightness.

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Emotions in my eyes … ?

Mynaa film actress amala paul  romantic eyes wallpapersShe looked deep into my eyes. She had a lovely smile on her face. I looked back into her eyes and smiled. Time lost all its relevance in that moment. But then within a few seconds, I saw tear developing in her eyes.

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To Hell with everything !!!

broken-glasses-oil-on-canvas-for-saleYes, to hell with everything. Very strong words to start with, but who cares !!!

Every thing that I have done, I have always had come with an explanation. And every thing turns out to be just a mess up.

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Past … any other way out?

images5Sitting in one corner of the bed in my dark room I closed my eyes and started counting from 1. I tried to visualize the numerical ‘1’ forming in the sky. I saw the ‘1’, its border made by straight lines with shinny sky blue crystals. It was a big and bright ‘1’ hanging up in the sky. As the ‘1’ was vaporizing slowly in the sky, the ‘2’ came from the right side to take its position. It was big and bright too.

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