You don’t need their approval ?

index2Are you concerned that someone didn’t approve your action? Are you spending too much time in looking for approval from others? Think again.

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The Climb

images33I know there is a mountain ahead,
I don’t even know what’s on the other side of it,
I know I may not reach the top,
But, I am strong, I can climb,
Because it’s all about the climb,

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I don’t want my face to change?

images70I don’t know what I was thinking when I opened the door of my flat. She hurriedly came inside and said “Thank god !!! no one saw me. I am really scared, you know. What if someone sees me and tell her?”

I didn’t said anything and took out the water bottle from the refrigerator and forwarded it to her. “Cool down. I know she will not know, that’s why I called you.”

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Me, and BYE

UntitledIt had never been easy to say ‘BYE’… when you wanted things to go on and on, when you wanted to spend more and more time with her. When you know you had this understanding which can’t be defined, but can only be felt. When you know you had this unknown chemistry, which only god has an explanation of.But then also you had to say BYE.

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