And the bird tried …

download“What do you want from me”, her voice sounded unemotional, harsh and rough. But then, she was always like that – harsh and rude.

“I don’t want anything? And I have told you this several times. I just want to know why are so insensitive or trying to be? Why are you always ‘I just love myself’ kind of?” I said candidly.

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Why I am like this?

Man standing in rain at ocean“Why are you like this?” came the question from her as I was expecting.

I am like what? Do I really know what I am like? Do I know what I am?

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Is she wrong, or I am ?

images 5“I know what you think and what you do and why you do?” She said to me in her calm and compose tone.

And I was scared, skeptical, suspicious, happy and sad at the same time. If someone claims to know me, it’s a declaration of the end of relation for me. Instead of announcing the end of relation, I smiled.

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Who have I become ?


images5Last evening when I was going back from office with my friends, we had a discussion on what we are doing now a days. And during the discussion, I made a casual remark “See the irony of life, that girl has the guts to show attitudes to me. Just imagine … showing attitude to ME !!!”. And we all laughed.

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Perfections in Imperfections ?

index1I have gone silent again. Last two days I didn’t talk to anyone. Anyway I hardly call anyone so there is no question of someone calling me also. But then I didn’t talk to the shopkeepers or pan walla also. Few days back I was laughing at everything, in all silly jokes and was enjoying the life. But I was aware something was bothering me from inside.

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