Searching for soulmate ?

wyllaIt was one fine morning, I was reading the newspaper alongside enjoying my morning cup of tea.

I didn’t even realize what she was doing until she came near and asked me politely “I have noticed that you are changing”.

“Changing means?” I frowned

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Dad and Me ‘or’ Me and Dad

images100“How can you say that”, I shouted at the top of my voice banging my hand on the table.

“Of course I can and I will” dad said, with similar anger tone.

“Don’t you realize I am in trouble? I need help. I need money to survive, to eat food” I continued yelling. I was not creative enough to show my helplessness except shouting. Sometime people are cruel enough to force you to do things that you never want to do.

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Some random thoughts about her ?

images1#1.  I live in a house surrounded by big fence. A ferocious dog guards the gate who barks and bites anyone who dares to intrude through the gate.
No wonder he bit you too and scared you away. Your fault that you didn’t realize, the dog stays within me, he is just part of my soul.

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Seven Stages of Love …

index56Naseeruddin Shah mentioned about the seven stages of Love in the movie ‘Dedh Ishiquea’ in a true romantic and meaningful way. My attempt here it to say what I felt about the seven stages of love taking the movie Titanic pictures and my old shayari(all my views are from the point of view of a man)

The Sufi traditions described the seven stages of love as Dilkashi (Attraction), Uns (Attachment), mohabbat (Love),akidat (Trust/Reverence), Ebadat (Worship), Junoon (Madness) and Maut (Death).

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Her Understanding, My Selfishness?

images30She banged into my study, gave me a very sharp angry look and almost shouted “For the past three days I am worried, angry and sad. I am not talking to you, not eating properly and not sleeping properly. You have seen me going through this, and how do you react? Nothing, you are simply normal. There is no change in you, as if nothing wrong has happened. Do I really exist for you?” and with these statement she started sobbing.

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