Path to Think Big and Aim Higher

544106281_1280x720A closer observation of the life of successful people reveal that all successful individuals have one thing in common – all of them think big and aim higher. They are successful because they think differently and achieve extraordinary results. And commonly most of them seem to defy the prevailing norms of the society in terms of their thinking.

Most societies conditions its habitants to be realistic and not to imagine or believe out of the world things. It may be because the society tries to protect its boundaries and age old traditions or cultures. And hence any new thinking is looked at with skeptical views, and normally rejected or discouraged. But then, time and again, the society itself creates visionaries who crosses the set boundaries to create something new and extraordinary. These people are visionaries because they imagine bigger things, they don’t believe in continuing the ongoing norms of society. They think big and aim higher.

What sets apart a man from animals is his capacity to dream and visualize things. There are no limits to one’s dream. Then the question is, why should anyone put a restriction on himself? Dreams are what differentiate great people from the ordinary. Ordinary people limits themselves to dreams as per there achievement parameters. Hence, they never achieve extraordinary results. However, great people dream big, work that extra mile to achieve those greater heights and finally deliver extraordinary results.

When Elon Musk shared his dream that he wants to put his private satellite in the space, he was not believed. Many thought it is impossible and he hardly got support. But then, he did it through his own money and Space X program after lot of hardship and failures. And now people talk about his legendary innovations and extra-ordinary vision of the future. He does not simply looks at the sky. He also thinks of way to reach the sky and finally develops a way to reach there. But then, many people still just look at the sky hoping to reach there without any effort.

Most of the people dream, atleast at some point in their life, about achieving big goals, big dreams. Most dream of achieving something big in life, becoming someone special or getting something big.  Unfortunately, many of the dreams remains unfulfilled. They just remain dreams. People often get too much involved in their day-to-day life, struggling to survive that they forget about their dreams and hardly put any efforts towards their dreams. They get caught with nitty-gritty of ordinary life so much that big goals or dreams seems impossible to achieve. They just try to convince themselves that these dreams are too hard and no one will attempt to achieve it.

But then, this is where some people think and act differently. Otherwise if everyone would have thought like that, there would be no inventions, no breakthroughs or innovations. The difference is that some people do achieve the unachievable. They do it with their sheer determination, focus, and pure hard work. A simple example of that is the Electric Bulb that glows in everyone’s home. It is said that Thomas Elva Edison failed 10000 times before coming up with the Electric bulb. And on asking about his failure, he says, ‘it teaches me 10000 ways of how not to develop an electric bulb’. And that’s the sign of a great visionary who see positivity even in failure.

If you had told someone a hundred years ago that it is possible for a man to be on the moon, they would have laughed at you and called you insane. If you would have told them that you can call someone miles away from you from a device, they would say that you have gone out of your mind. However, today we know that these are all possible and have happened because some people dreamt about it and made it possible. If a person limits himself with self-doubt, he will never be able to break the so-called boundaries and his dreams will seem impossible to reach. All that matter is that goal and an undivided focus towards that goal. A dream without a specific goal will surely end up in disappointment and disheartenment.

So, the only way to achieve big dreams, big success is to think big. However, thinking only does not leads to success. The thinking that does not inspires action is worth nothing. Thinking big is just a stepping stone towards the path of big success followed by seeking, striving and lot of struggling. Thomas Edison once said that, ‘genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’. For one to accomplish his or her dreams, there has to be hard work and discipline. But take the note of that 1%, it has to be a think-big dream, and not some easily accomplished one.

Successful business also think and dream big. The founder of Infosys, N. R. Narayana Murthy, had humble beginnings. He dreamt of creating India’s largest software company, even when he was not born with a silver spoon. He did not have sufficient fund to start the business but then he and his family all worked hard to make his dream a reality. He proved the saying, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ by creating India’s largest software company successfully.

This clearly highlights the fact that dreaming big is not enough. It needs to be backed by hard work, sheer determination and risk taking abilities. The world around may not accept big ideas and discourage the one’s having that, so it needs the dreamers to come out of the comfort zone and go against all odds. Only dreaming is not enough, religiously following them is actually the game changer. Napoleon Hill famously said, ‘‘Man along has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality. Man, along, can dream and make his dreams come true’.

Out of any random hundred, only one percent realize their dreams and reach the heights needed to accomplish great things. We must not only dream big, but act on those dreams and remember that nightly dreaming needs only effortless sleep, while winning needs sleepless efforts. The need is to do something different life Steve Jobs did, Elon Musk did, Narayanamurthy did, and so on so that one day it becomes the reason of success.

Though there is are no definite methods as such to become a unique individual who think big and aim higher, however few tips might help in moving towards making dream a reality.

  • Visualize your dream

Visualization the success, visualize the dreams as reality. The visualization will create mental power to show the clear path towards the goal. The visualization of the goal will help define the issues, challenges and better ways of achieving the goal. Successful people visualize the future, hence they are capable of coming out with products or provide solutions to problems that might arise in future. Visualization of steps towards achieving goals is also an important step.

  • Describe Steps towards your goal- Dreaming big or visualization is not enough. A step-by-step process towards the goal needs to be described with clarity. The path towards the goal should be defined with milestones. Milestones are important to provide you feedback about your achievement. They are also big energizers as they motivate you with achievements. They also tell you that you are on the right track.
  • Take action – Simply wanting, visualizing or describing steps will not lead to goal achievement. Suitable timely action will. You have to remember that this is your dream, your goal, so you have to achieve it and you have to work for it. And in order to achieve something, you have to work hard for it. So your action and focus and continuous effort is the key to success.
  • Don’t Give Up – The path towards the goal is not going to be smooth, it needs lots of patience and hardship. Failures are part and parcel of success. So take failures positively, learn from them and try not to repeat it. If you give up during your journey because of failures, you will never be able to know what lies ahead of it. It could be a life changing success just after that. So, keep aside discouragement and consider the failures, setback and hardship as part of the journey towards the goal.
  • Believe in yourself – No matter what, always believe in yourself. No one knows you better than yourself, so people around you might say anything, discouraging talks or encouraging talks, but if you have faith in yourself, you will achieve what you desire to achieve. Discouraging talks or doubts may force you to procrastinate activities, but if do, you are never going to achieve your goals. So self-motivation is the best medicine.


So, don’t be afraid to dream big and aim higher.

There are endless possibilities in this world right now. Everything in the world is changing at a fast rate and the world is witnessing new issues and problems that never existed before. The need of the hour is new innovative, creative ideas to address these issues. Accepting the world as it is, is not going to lead you to anything. You have to think different, you have to dream big and aim higher to succeed.


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