Dilemma of a Father?

images3“Papa, Rajesh again pulled my hair” my 7 yr old son said showing his helplessness.

“Why didn’t you stopped him” I said in a understanding tone.

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Dad and Me ‘or’ Me and Dad

images100“How can you say that”, I shouted at the top of my voice banging my hand on the table.

“Of course I can and I will” dad said, with similar anger tone.

“Don’t you realize I am in trouble? I need help. I need money to survive, to eat food” I continued yelling. I was not creative enough to show my helplessness except shouting. Sometime people are cruel enough to force you to do things that you never want to do.

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U – turn of life ? #atozchallenge

images5“I must tell you God, it’s not I was easily disturbed by the bad things happening in my life. But, everything has a limit. It’s been long and I am only getting failures in life. I need some success, I need to feel successful” I asked him.

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