she is wrong ?

r-CIGARETTE-large570Of course she is wrong. I looked at my burning cigarette. What an analogy !!!

She is just insecure. And, I really don’t have a solution for that. She just have to let me go. I never said I am leaving her, I just need some time to understand myself better. I just can’t allow someone to chip off my wings. It’s difficult for me to live a life like this, being answerable for every thing, giving clarification, speaking out everything.

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my independence

6a00e54fd1fc4388340133f1f0b497970b-800wiSince last many days I was restless, helpless, confused. Something kept on bothering me, and I had no idea of what it was. I did things and I don’t remember doing it. I stay with people but I am lost somewhere else. I saw myself turning into a silent creature, a lone creature, a sad creature. I knew I have to go. I have to go somewhere very very far. I need some space, some more time to find some answers. And that is when the darkness, created by me, engulfed me. The Darkness of my mind engulfed me.

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her laughs

the pause was for long. Her thoughts were still resonating in my mind. Then I heard her laughs. More laughs. Why is she laughing so loud? Her laughs were creating ripples in my brain. I can’t bear it. I wanted to cover my ears. Her laughs were different. They were piercing my heart. Why, Why is she laughing so loud? Continue reading

apni pehchan

Aaj apne naam ko sirf liye ghumte hain, Apnee pehchan ko taraste hain,

Kismat ki ajab ras leela to dekho, Hume hamse he paraya kar diya,

Tum hamara naam he le lo, aab to bas usi sahare je lete hain,

Besahare pan ki hadh to dekho, Ab aas bhi aas na rahi,

Eek tumhara didar ho jaye, usi sahare je lete hain, bas je lete hain