I, the beast

indexThe only thing I learned in life is that there are many things which are not under our control. Sometimes we put everything into something, but the results come totally different than what we expect. We never had any explanation for that. It just happens, and may be this is called as destiny.

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Me, the Hero

indexI always wanted to be a writer, in fact I started writing from early childhood. Initially I started writing my diary, my daily activities. Whom I met, what they said, what I felt, what I ate, what I bought etc. etc. So, each day, starting with the date and time, I wrote everything, till the time I hit the bed.

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the another week

standing-aloneAnd many days passed like that, me still waiting for her, Subu still pressurizing me to approach Simi. It was one of those days when something interesting happened.

On that day we had a surprise class test on communication subject. And predictably enough I did horribly bad. But, I was glad that at least some of my classmates joined my fate.

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it has been interesting journey… i would also like to hear how you all feel about it.. pls. comment…. I have removed the requirement of registration / name / login etc…. so feel free to express your view…. and thanks for the support.