the another monday

standing-aloneThe next day, after my communication network class, while I was going to the canteen, saw Subu waving for me.

“Evening we are going out for shopping” he hastily said as I reached near him.

“What’s the big deal? Are we going out for shopping for the first time or what?” I got angry

“I mean, we, Simi and group. I met them just after my first period and they were happy to have seniors join them for shopping. I told them you will also come, though they don’t know you much, but agreed” as if he was doing some kind of favor to me.

I shrugged “Let’s see, I don’t know. I will think over it” and moved towards the canteen.

My next class was on electromagnetics. The professor, like always, started writing at the top left hand corner of board and colored all the board with all greek symbols. I was sure it will take ages before I can understand what these symbols have to do with electromagnetic. All I remembered was seeing the symbol ‘Simi’ getting dissolved somewhere in between them. At last, the classes ended with all those theories of electromagnetic pulses, networking etc. And at the end of day, all I knew was that my pulses went haywire. And not the least, I forgot about Simi or the evening hangout.

At the night, I was in the study table still trying to solve the greek symbols, when he stormed inside the room. Subu was angry. I immediately realized what I forgot.

“Well, I got busy with this” I showed him the book I was studying “moreover I have to complete this assignment by tomorrow”

Subu didn’t replied, but he threw his wallet towards his table. I decided to stay silent for some time. I knew he will be eager enough to tell me what happened.

At last he said “ I will never understand what you want. You said you will go and then I don’t know what happened. You never turned up. Anyway, I think you missed something”

Fun has no definition for me when she is not there. But will she be ever with me? Where is she now?

“Ya, I know I missed it. Anyway tell me what happened, where did you go” I showed my interest just to keep his energy intact.

“We just hang around and talked. No shopping actually. But I did came to know many things. Simi, Rajni and Sunanda are very close friends. They infact don’t hide anything from each other. Just for your information, Simi is the charming one who has this air of arrogance and pride around her, Rajni the little fat cute one who talk a lot in hindi and Sunanda the one with specs who knows a lot about you and is very keen to meet you” Subu was really excited.

And how will I define her, is she beautiful, is she talkative? Why is it so difficult for me to describe her? How do I know who my soulmate is?  And it was just another Monday without her.

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