Ghost within me !!!

download1Standing alone in the balcony, I looked around. It was dark everywhere. I asked myself, “Who am I?”

It was 3.15 am at the watch. Someone said it is the time when ghost used to return back to their houses. It was not safe outside.

Should I get scared? Not today.

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Is her love fake?

alone-girl-shadowStill lying in the bed, almost half dead, I kept staring at the ceiling. This has more or less become a regular habit for me now. The habit of looking at the blankness of the ceiling. Feeling the hollowness within me.

That’s a pretty negative though about oneself. May be! But then whom should I lie? I know it’s for real. I know the 200 friends that I have in facebook are just for the sake. I know the smiles that I send in whatsapp are just emoji’s, not me. I know that I changed the ‘dp’ every now and then, but then again it’s just a pic. Not me.

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