Welcoming happiness, his way? #atozchallenge

rickshawBefore Six months from today

 “How much this rickshaw cost you” I asked the rickshaw puller as I boarded his rickshaw

“I purchased it at Rs.16,000 sir”, he said. He was a polite young chap.

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Violating normal life routines !!! #atozchallenge

images10I continued running though I was sweating a lot. But I didn’t want to stop. Soon my stomach started paining. And all muscles in the leg started pulling strongly, it was painful. And at last I could not move an inch forward. My body and all my strength gave up. I sat down with a thud like a wooden log. I started taking long breadths.

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U – turn of life ? #atozchallenge

images5“I must tell you God, it’s not I was easily disturbed by the bad things happening in my life. But, everything has a limit. It’s been long and I am only getting failures in life. I need some success, I need to feel successful” I asked him.

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Truth about Darkness and Happiness ? #atozchallenge

images5“Yes, I agree life should be lived like a river. But, I am still not convinced. What you are saying seems to be so easy. Right now I am disturbed. I have anger, frustration, darkness inside me. I am not happy” I said with frustrations

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