U – turn of life ? #atozchallenge

images5“I must tell you God, it’s not I was easily disturbed by the bad things happening in my life. But, everything has a limit. It’s been long and I am only getting failures in life. I need some success, I need to feel successful” I asked him.

“That is true. Hardship is just part of life. The more hardship you suffer through, I more confident you become. You are learning, you are experiencing certain aspects of life which normal people may not understand. You are equipping yourself to face any situation. From now on, nothing will ever bother you, you have grown from inside. The hardship times in your life has made you understand the real meaning of life, it has taught you the real significance of success and how valuable happiness is. If you get something easily, or given for free, you will never appreciate its true value. But if you get something after hardship or working hard for it, you will understand its true value. As an example, spending one thousand rupee does not make a difference for a millionaire, but for a daily wage earner it means a lot, it means his three days earning. The value of that money is in real sense is understood by the daily wage earner”

“Are you saying that I should not earn money because I will not understand about life” I asked immediately

“When did I said it? It is never bad to earn money, if you work hard then you definitely deserve it. No work is less significant. Everything that you do, you should do it in the best possible way with all your sincerity and capacity. And doing that if you are earning it, then you deserve it. So its not bad to earn money. The bad thing however it what are you doing with that money. If you forget that you have earned the money because you worked hard? If you forget how much valuable that same money is for a daily wage earner? Then there is some problem. If you try to buy happiness with your money, then there is a problem. If you stop working hard and with all your potential, then it is a problem. And if you allow the money to own you rather than you owning the money, than there is a problem” God said

“But, it’s not easy. Being a human I would like to spend money and enjoy life. Do things which I want to do” Definitely I wanted some more money, so I asked him that

“You want to spend money and enjoy life, and this is where the problem lies. You are trying to seek joy and happiness through money. I would say instead of trying to find happiness through money, try to do something which makes you happy, and it may not be related to money. If you like to paint a picture, trust me, money has nothing to do with it. Search for things which creates happiness in inner you, rather than looking for some outer, pseudo happiness in life which are just momentary. These are luxuries which you can afford when you have money. But if you achieve an happiness which is independent of your money, then no matter where your life is, darkness or brightness, you will be happy”

God again made me speechless. Am I really getting the answers I am looking for?

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