Real Life & Real Happiness ? #atozchallenge

“Dear god, every one wimages5ants happiness. Moreover what you are saying is easy for you to say. I am not god. I have emotions and I can’t become insensitive or emotion less.

If I fail, whether it’s a relation or my work, I get hurt. It takes times for me to become normal. I may also loose track of things of what I was doing. It is also possible that I loose track of what is rational or irrational” I sounded like a normal human being

“That is true. But, being human also you can keep control of your emotions. If you can’t control your emotions then definitely you will be out of control in the most irrational way” God said

I was again confused “Now god this is confusing. If I am controlling emotions and I don’t give them a free rein. I can never be complete and creative. My emotions make me who I am. And if I control it, then how can a person be in his real self”

“Control emotions and free rein of emotions are two different things” God replied and smiled “You cannot take away the part that you are a simple part of the human ecosystem. Your actions are somehow related to the people around you. You are not a creature who lives alone. Your free rein of emotions, if effects others then there is a problem. So, if you want to have a free rein of your emotions, you have to be alone, completely alone, however that is not possible in this human ecosystem. This controlled emotions can lead you to take extreme control of yourself. You can be in this society or the human ecosystem and still have a free rein of your emotions”

“How is that possible?” I almost shouted “I can’t understand this. Controlling yourself is different from controlling emotions or what”

“This is where the difference between the higher and lower form of life occurs” God replied “The higher form of life are able to control their emotions and lead them to a positive direction or to a direction they desire. Whereas a lower form of life is not able to control his emotions and can react is an most unpredictable way”

“Again you are repeating the same thing” I was now getting irritated. Either I could not understand anything or these things are beyond my reach

“No, I am not”, God also seem to feel pity on me “Let’s take an example. In your case, you said you always face failures and that some people are always successful, no matter how little effort they put in. Now what I am trying to say is that here your emotions, namely the jealous factor, the frustration or may be helplessness is creating disturbances in you. You are not able to control it. The more your feel like that, the more you will go deep into it. The brain which is otherwise very strong, get seasoned to such thoughts. And from the next time, whatever you do, the brain will keep on sending you negative signals”

“Then how am I supposed to utilize the control over” I was now understanding what he was trying to make me understand

God smiled and replied “Search for real life and real happiness” and paused for a while before saying “Compare your potential with yourself only. Don’t even bother how things are going with others. Set benchmarks for your own self. Don’t compare yourself with others”

“Now that’s very easy to say” I felt again frustrated

“No, it is easy to implement also” God as usual smiled and continued “Whatever you do, try to convince yourself that you will do the best. Set your benchmarks ahead of others and try to beat them. Don’t let distractions touch you and keep your focus.”

“But I am just a normal human being. I also have aspirations. I also need instant gratifications and happiness. I feel good when people around me appreciate me” I was still not convinced that I can do anything

God replied “Do you think all big names in your human ecosystem were not normal. Say Mahatma Gandhi, he was a normal human being, not even noticeable before. But then he rose enough to set his own benchmarks and achieve them. Do you really think he looked for instant gratification. He didn’t, and see we still are gratifying him in all sense. And this is how you approach real life and real happiness. The real achievement of something in your life gives you the real happiness, and it is not related to material satisfaction or instant gratification by someone. It’s all about the peace of soul and the happiness of soul”

Suddenly I felt calm, and I became silent too. Too many thoughts started gathering in my mind…

Can I really understand the real life and real happiness?


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