Quest for Inner Happiness !!! #atozchallenge

images5“God, it’s not fair for me to ask you certain questions. It is always said that each man is responsible for what he does and if he does anything he suffers for his mistakes”

I took a pause and took deep breadth before asking him again “I did everything which was possible for me with all my sincerity and purity. Then why I have been struggling in my whole life with failures? Whatever I did, no matter how much effort I put in, all I got was failure. I have seen people prospering doing much less work than what I did, with much less dedications, sincerity and efficiency. Now, you tell me what mistakes I did that I had to suffer like this. Why me god? Why did you labeled my life with failures?”

God smiled “You are always truthful to me. You always did everything with lot of effort and purity, I never deny that. But somewhere you always did what you never believed in. You could not put your soul into it. And that is why you always had a mismatch”

I could not understand, so I asked him “You mean to say everyone around me who are so called ‘Prosperous and happy’ are exactly doing what they believe in. You mean to say they all put their effort and work with purity. I can’t believe this”

“No, I did not say that. All I said is what you did not do. Each man is different and each one has some special skills and some abilities. People are successful and are prosperous in their own terms, may be they are doing what they believed in or believed in whatever they are doing. They either don’t think about any options or are satisfied with what they have at that moment. Whereas you are never satisfied with what you get and have. You always aspire for more, and whatever you call failure is in your terms and in a different perspective it may not be failure at all”, I liked the way God comes up with nice clear explanations.

I tried probing further and asked him “I don’t understand this. On one side it is said that you should aspire for more, and should not get satisfied with whatever you have. If you get satisfied with what you have, you will never work hard for something bigger and better. Then what wrong I did. I aspired for more, I wanted to achieved a higher success. But on the other side you are saying me to be satisfied with whatever I have”

“Your perspective towards success if wrong” God gave a prompt answer and continued “Success is not always achieving what you desire. Success is also learning, struggling, and achieving higher understanding of life. If you run after material success, then somewhere the path choosen by you will never be over. Today you have a house, tomorrow you will desire a better or a bigger house. And in that sense you will never achieve success. But also, if you don’t desire for a bigger and better house, then you will stop working and your life will have no meaning. It’s not only about material wealth you gather, it is also about what difference you make by achieving the objectives. Life is all about setting objectives and meeting them. Life is not about acquiring a car, a house or any material wealth. It’s about satisfying the desire to achieve something in life. That something cannot be materialistic; it has to be a supreme sense of happiness. A inner happiness achieved by doing something which you want to do, which you do with all your dedications and purity”. God kept his smile intact. And I was silent with lots of questions still revolving around my head.



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