Sorrow, Sadness and Darkness ? #atozchallenge

images5“But god, what about sadness, sorrow feelings that comes to us when something happens different from what we desire” I asked after a long pause

“I know you want to ask about the darkness inside you”, God smiled. I smiled too. Of course, a god is supposed to understand everything about me. He continued “Who said darkness is bad? It is not until and unless it overpowers you in all aspects. Remember one thing, after the darkest time of the night, comes out the sun with all light around. Similary in life, after your darkest phase in life, the light, the brightness sets in”

“I can’t understand this” I never had any difficulties in expressing myself as a dumb in front of him.

He continued “Just tell me one thing, why are even asking me all this?” He paused and looked at me and continued “This darkness in you has made you wait and think about your life. You are asking yourself questions which are most relevant in order to understand life, to understand yourself in the most clearer way. And this is what the darkness has done. A person who can think about his life, real happiness and deep inner aspects of life in brighter times and in darker times is the one who has gone above the outer desires of life. What normally happens is when we get everything we desire for, or rather are in our bright days, we don’t think about life. We don’t try to understand why you are successful or why you are getting everything so easily. It is only during the hard times we think why we are suffering like this”

I was speechless, he was so correct. When I had my good days, where I had everything that I desired for, I never thought about the hardship of life. I never tried to understand life, its meaning or whether I had real happiness. I was so busy spending my fortunes and go after pseudo happiness around me. The relationships that I created were also not deep as all were based on give-and-take relations. It is now that I am facing hardship I have realized that everyone left me, now I am understanding the real meaning of relationships and real meaning of life.

“But how to turn this darkness into brightness? How to minimize this sadness or sorrow in life”, I finally asked

“Just realize that life is like a river with two riverfronts. One is the brighter side and one is the darker side. Your life cannot go ahead without them. They will be always with you. But, if you really understand the depth of a river, the flow of the river, it is not dependent on the riverfronts. So don’t let life be controlled by the darkness of the brighter side. Have a deep understanding of yourself, and don’t let this types of situations or circumstances move you from your path. Have a peaceful life with inner happiness”

God smiled and tapped my back. I felt relaxed.



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