her mesmerizing eyes…

Mynaa film actress amala paul  romantic eyes wallpapersAgain the feeling of uneasiness is creeping within me. There is something inside me which is disturbing me again. Maybe I am getting frustrated, about something or on something.

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Is she wrong, or I am ?

images 5“I know what you think and what you do and why you do?” She said to me in her calm and compose tone.

And I was scared, skeptical, suspicious, happy and sad at the same time. If someone claims to know me, it’s a declaration of the end of relation for me. Instead of announcing the end of relation, I smiled.

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Stereotyping Myself ???

images5Last few months I have encountered a new confusion. When I started writing for my blog, I was not worried about the readers or audience. In fact I was not very much aware of the blog thing. It started all because of curiosity and some hidden agenda.

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I don’t have anything to write ???

untitled3I am trying to write something, but I don’t have a story or a thought. I am thinking hard but I don’t find anything tempting enough to convert it into a story. I am meeting people; I am trying to find a clue in their personal lives; I am looking at nature, everywhere, but No, nothing is interesting enough to take away my precious time.

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I don’t want my face to change?

images70I don’t know what I was thinking when I opened the door of my flat. She hurriedly came inside and said “Thank god !!! no one saw me. I am really scared, you know. What if someone sees me and tell her?”

I didn’t said anything and took out the water bottle from the refrigerator and forwarded it to her. “Cool down. I know she will not know, that’s why I called you.”

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Truth about Darkness and Happiness ? #atozchallenge

images5“Yes, I agree life should be lived like a river. But, I am still not convinced. What you are saying seems to be so easy. Right now I am disturbed. I have anger, frustration, darkness inside me. I am not happy” I said with frustrations

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