Violating normal life routines !!! #atozchallenge

images10I continued running though I was sweating a lot. But I didn’t want to stop. Soon my stomach started paining. And all muscles in the leg started pulling strongly, it was painful. And at last I could not move an inch forward. My body and all my strength gave up. I sat down with a thud like a wooden log. I started taking long breadths.

Then I looked at the path ahead. I have to reach home, and I had three lanes ahead of me. All three would lead me to home. I normally take the longest one which is also the better road, because I was doing exercise and running. The second one is the shortest route to home, but is bad road with lots of pot holes. The third is the medium distance to my home. It is neither bad nor good, but whenever I have gone through that I have faced traffic in that road.

I was puzzled. Why I have to make such decisions in life? Why my life is not a little simpler than this? I have one destination but three different paths. Each path has different incentives and different difficulties. Now which one I should choose?

Each path I choose will make my life. But, can I really choose any path? Or my destiny chooses my path? Or I create my destiny by choosing a particular path?

I just have one life. If I take one path, I will never know what would have happened had I taken the other path. And so I will never know whether I made the right choice. What if I realized at the end of life that everything that I had choosen was wrong?

What if I meet the person who took the other path? Of course I would like to talk to him once before I die. But what if he comes and tells me that I made all wrong decisions?

Well, no answers. Whether it is right decision of wrong decision to choose a particular path, I will never know. All I can do is to choose a path. If I keep on thinking that the other paths were far better than what I took, then I can never be happy. I will always keep on thinking that the other decisions were better. Well, I will never know.

It’s all about breaking normal routines. It’s all about creating my destiny by choosing the path I want to take. If I choose the path which everyone find comfortable then maybe I am not true to myself. I have to find out who am I, what I want, and how I want my life to unfold ahead of me. I don’t want to do anything which is not under my control. I want to control my destiny. I don’t want to follow routines.

Of course I can sit and cry that nothing good happens to me, that I choose the wrong path. But, I will never know the truth. So, what’s the point. Lets face it, this is the path which is my destiny and I want it the most beautiful path ever. I want to live my life as happy as possible in this path forever.

I got up. Now I was not tired. I could feel a fresh energy inside me. I will take the longest path, no matter how tired I am, I want a smooth ride to home. I can wait, I am ready to feel the pain, but I don’t want pot holes or traffic jams in my life. I want no disturbances… I want to be happy now.


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