How I enlightened her?

withaHigherConsciousnessandEnlightenment“Why don’t just stay with one person” she again started that discussion in frustrations.

“Am I not with you?” I smiled. I know she was angry at me because of my too many affairs.

‘Are you? No, you are not? You are distant, somewhere far away.

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My conversation with her – part iii, concluded

indexHow can I write a superficial conversation? How can I write what the other person is going to say?” I showed her my genuine concern.

Why can’t you write, if you really understand yourself? It’s the best way of showing your confusions and providing multiple answers. May be you can just write about our conversations.


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My conversation with her – part ii

indexI knew that was an absurd suggestion  “As I told you, there is nothing like positive or negative about emotions. Emotions are just pure emotions, and it’s we who term them either way. If you see rainbow when your are in love, that is just emotion, similarly if you see all darkness around you, it is also part of your emotions.

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My conversation wth her – part i

indexThe mobile started buzzing suddenly. I looked at the watch, it was 3:15 am. I smiled as I remembered something about 3.15am. Someone told me once that it’s the time when ghosts travel back to their houses, so we should not make noises as it may disturbed them. Maybe one of the ghost started using mobile and is checking on me.

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I am (NOT) a beggar ?

imagesThat day, I felt very tired after coming out from the office. So I decided to sit for a while. The chairs in bus stand offered a better option as I could see different kinds of people rushing here and there. Occasional overhearing of gossips came as additional benefits.

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