Soulmate and Reality and ‘ME’?

1120005-bigthumbnailI got up in the bus and took the single seat near the window. Looking outside the window from a distance always gave me an unknown pleasure. And bus journies offered me those opportunities. A longer journey gives me more opportunity to be alone with my thoughts. I enjoyed these few moments of my privacy with no one disturbing my thoughts.

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Her Understanding, My Selfishness?

images30She banged into my study, gave me a very sharp angry look and almost shouted “For the past three days I am worried, angry and sad. I am not talking to you, not eating properly and not sleeping properly. You have seen me going through this, and how do you react? Nothing, you are simply normal. There is no change in you, as if nothing wrong has happened. Do I really exist for you?” and with these statement she started sobbing.

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How I enlightened her?

withaHigherConsciousnessandEnlightenment“Why don’t just stay with one person” she again started that discussion in frustrations.

“Am I not with you?” I smiled. I know she was angry at me because of my too many affairs.

‘Are you? No, you are not? You are distant, somewhere far away.

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My conversation wth her – part i

indexThe mobile started buzzing suddenly. I looked at the watch, it was 3:15 am. I smiled as I remembered something about 3.15am. Someone told me once that it’s the time when ghosts travel back to their houses, so we should not make noises as it may disturbed them. Maybe one of the ghost started using mobile and is checking on me.

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