the shattered heart still beats for you !!!

wyllaI am shattered, 

but I know I still love you

U are still there, somewhere in those shattered pieces 

I am just living with a hope 

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Now, I have a new face !!!!

images3 It was just a thought, definitely not a colored one.  Do thoughts really have colors? Does anyone really care about the colors of thought? For me, colors of the thoughts hardly mattered, as long as they are just thoughts with no shades of reality.

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Emotions in my eyes … ?

Mynaa film actress amala paul  romantic eyes wallpapersShe looked deep into my eyes. She had a lovely smile on her face. I looked back into her eyes and smiled. Time lost all its relevance in that moment. But then within a few seconds, I saw tear developing in her eyes.

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Controlling Thoughts, Feelings and LOVE ?

images29Then she asked me, “What is love then? Does it really exist, or it is just a thought?”

That was a sudden unanticipated question, so I took a while to answer it “For me, love is just a name to a particular thought on that very moment. But, we have been taught to identify certain types of feelings with love.

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Her Understanding, My Selfishness?

images30She banged into my study, gave me a very sharp angry look and almost shouted “For the past three days I am worried, angry and sad. I am not talking to you, not eating properly and not sleeping properly. You have seen me going through this, and how do you react? Nothing, you are simply normal. There is no change in you, as if nothing wrong has happened. Do I really exist for you?” and with these statement she started sobbing.

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My conversation with her – part iii, concluded

indexHow can I write a superficial conversation? How can I write what the other person is going to say?” I showed her my genuine concern.

Why can’t you write, if you really understand yourself? It’s the best way of showing your confusions and providing multiple answers. May be you can just write about our conversations.


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