Friendship and She

images27Silence was speaking a lot that day.

We didn’t even look at each other for several minutes. I had shared my room with him in the hostel for the last four years, and never felt so uncomfortable like this.

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Killing the darkness of the soul? #atozchallenge

indexI looked around. It was dark. I asked myself “Who am I?”

It was 3:15 am. I was in my balcony. I knew this was not the right time to be outside. As per my belief this was the time when ghosts used to return back to their houses.

But, today I was not scared.

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My conversation with her – part ii

indexI knew that was an absurd suggestion  “As I told you, there is nothing like positive or negative about emotions. Emotions are just pure emotions, and it’s we who term them either way. If you see rainbow when your are in love, that is just emotion, similarly if you see all darkness around you, it is also part of your emotions.

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