I can’t be your friend !!!


I felt too tired as I was about to reach my room. I switched off my cell as I just wanted to lie down peacefully without being disturbed by anyway. So the moments I opened the door and entered into my room, I just threw myself in the bed.

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To Hell with everything !!!

broken-glasses-oil-on-canvas-for-saleYes, to hell with everything. Very strong words to start with, but who cares !!!

Every thing that I have done, I have always had come with an explanation. And every thing turns out to be just a mess up.

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I am (NOT) a beggar ?

imagesThat day, I felt very tired after coming out from the office. So I decided to sit for a while. The chairs in bus stand offered a better option as I could see different kinds of people rushing here and there. Occasional overhearing of gossips came as additional benefits.

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