Increasing Self Belief !!! #atozchallenge

imagesAs I started following regime and a time table for everything, I started realizing that now I have more than enough time for doing things which I like. I always liked paintings. Now, I was able to devote full one hour to my hobby, without affecting any other work.


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Garden of Happiness !!! #atozchallenge the list of topics I am going to write for atozchallenge)

She entered my room hurriedly, and threw a sheet of paper at me and shouted “Read this”. I took the paper and read it

92% of your worrying is a complete waste of time.

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Finiding answer to questions of life? #atozchallenge

fast-paced-lifeI sat in the corner of my bed and closed my eyes. I wanted to meditate. I wanted to make sure that my thoughts are aligned in a positive direction. I wanted to be happy.

I started counting from 100 and went downwards .. 99.. 98 .. 97.. 96.. 95.. 94.. 93..92..91..90


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My conversation with her – part ii

indexI knew that was an absurd suggestion  “As I told you, there is nothing like positive or negative about emotions. Emotions are just pure emotions, and it’s we who term them either way. If you see rainbow when your are in love, that is just emotion, similarly if you see all darkness around you, it is also part of your emotions.

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