And the bird tried …

download“What do you want from me”, her voice sounded unemotional, harsh and rough. But then, she was always like that – harsh and rude.

“I don’t want anything? And I have told you this several times. I just want to know why are so insensitive or trying to be? Why are you always ‘I just love myself’ kind of?” I said candidly.

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Can I kill my soul? #atozchallenge

illus0144Day 1 : A Living person without a soul ?
Day 2 : Being happy in life ?
Day 3 : Can I kill my soul ? 

 When I came out from office that day, it was late. There were very few people in the road. Anyway, I started walking in the alley which joins the main road. I always enjoy this walk to my home from office; it fills me with fresh energy, gives me time to think and look around at people.

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My conversation wth her – part i

indexThe mobile started buzzing suddenly. I looked at the watch, it was 3:15 am. I smiled as I remembered something about 3.15am. Someone told me once that it’s the time when ghosts travel back to their houses, so we should not make noises as it may disturbed them. Maybe one of the ghost started using mobile and is checking on me.

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