The Diary, The Movie and The ME !!!

deep-dark-place-hole-feeling-depression Since early childhood I started writing diary covering all my daily activities. The people I meet, what they said, what I felt, what I ate, what I bought etc. etc. Each day, starting with the date and time, I wrote everything that happened that day, till the time I hit the bed.

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Amnesia, love and my brain ?

images21That day I was busy writing a Java program, in fact I was writing a ‘class’ (classes are small program written separately which can be used by different programs and it performs the same function on the inputs provided) to be used in the main program. While I was engulfed in the mesh of algorithm, I heard a dog barking outside. I know it was a dog bark as no one else bark like that.

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Why I named my blog as ‘The Me’ ?

cropped-20110909220403_334.jpgI can’t sleep nowadays, well nothing new. That day I was just lying in my bed… eyes wide open… the blankness of the ceiling throwing its blankness on me. My thoughts were blank, my mind was blank. I don’t want to think anything. The very rationale of thinking something had lost its meaning for me.

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I wish I had met you earlier !!!

images 5Sometimes certain situation comes in our life whose outcomes are beyond our control. Even if we don’t want to be part of it, we become part of it. And still we can’t control it. Somewhere someone keeps the control. We are just spectator as things unfold in front of us.

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Women, as I try to understand them ?

UntitledSince time immemorial men have been trying to understand women. (I am not very sure whether women too do the same as they somehow always believe that they understand men better than the men themselves). So, just being part of proud clan of men (claiming to have understood women), I am also making an attempt to express my version of understanding women. Continue reading