I think of you …

IMG1647A  with every drop of rain falling on the earth,

  watching each flower blossom in the spring,

 with every swing of leaves in the wind,

  watching each drop of frost in a winter morning,


with every sweat in a summer day,

watching each star in the night sky,

I take a long breath, and I think of you …..


with every step i take,

watching the faces around me,

with every beat of the bleeding heart,

watching you from far away,

I take a long breath, and I just think of you…..


Everyday is a new day of hope for me. Everyday I opened the window expecting she will be there, waiting with a smile, hairs flowing in the wind and waving her smooth hands in the air acknowledging me.
Everyday only the date changed. The hope just remained as hope.

11 thoughts on “I think of you …

  1. Seems like you are expressing my heart…!!
    Everyday has its new beginning.. has its own take off… one should not carry the burden of thought or anything from yesterday..

    Lekin ye DIL kabhi suna hai kisika? Nehi..!

    We always start afresh but with the old thought, with the same hope…!
    “Intezar…! shayad mohbbat ka naseeb hai,
    Lekin… jab mohbbat intezar karti hai,
    Samay tham jata hai, zamane ruk jate hain.
    Mohbbat ziddi hai,
    Aakhri sans…aakhri dhadkan…aakhri pal tak intezar kar sakti hai… Aur… Kabhi kabhi uske baad bhi ….!”
    You are very true, Javed Akhtarji.


    • thats one of the most wonderful feedback i got ever … so very glad that u replied so beautifully…
      and trust me, i dont believe in forgetting the past. our life is based on our experiences, if i remove them i am no one. Why will i forget something which is so wonderful and which makes me worth living for.

      Sirf tumhe paana hi mohabbat nahi, na ke tumhe khona mohabbat nahi…
      Ehsaas un hazaroo pal ka jo tumhari yaad mein, tumhare saat mein bete,
      Jeena bas unke saath hai, Zindagi usi kaa naam hai,


  2. Thank you..! Wanted to share a ton which was going through while reading your beautiful piece but I cant express myself as you people do. I was connected so deeply with it, cant express. Actually I am one of those fools who lives in there past, who cherishes every fraction of seconds, no matter how painful it can get. And yes, as you said, we are nothing but the pampered child of our past. How can you forget those memories which make you smile, make you cry, yes, make you cry sometimes…? All those are you only…!

    Zindegi sirf khush rehne ka naam thodi hota hai… Ise hum thodi piche chhod pate hai kabhi…! ! Ye to hasate rulate bas sath chalta hai…


    • again .. very touchy and emotional feedback from you … i don’t think what others do .. i just do what i feel like doing… so if it is about crying for my past… i do dat …. I cant nor i say big big things … i am a simple normal human being… and i feel d pain .. and i cry when i get hurt .. that’s it .. simple life ..
      and regarding expressing what u feel.. just write what comes to your mind … not for others.. just for yourself … people like me will read that…
      once again thanks buddy … it was a great feeling reading your views …


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