I want a ‘bad’ reputation !!!

images4Last evening one of my friend made a remark that he don’t want to do things which are bad for his reputation.

Well, the statement warranted a deeper insight and lot of thought. And so I did, spending lot of time thinking about it and then writing about it.

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Leaving the body ….?

images29Few days back something strange happened near my city. I was watching the news and I noticed it. One lady went to sleep for 7 days. After 7 days when she woke up she told everyone that she had visited heaven and met the Hindu Gods there. In fact she was also a witness to a meeting of Gods.

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Controlling thoughts, Controlling feelings – Being Happy ?

images29For the past one hour, she was trying to read that book. And every time I looked at her, she was in different position trying to adjust her reading posture. I could easily make out that she was not enjoying the book, her mind was somewhere else.

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Amnesia, love and my brain ?

images21That day I was busy writing a Java program, in fact I was writing a ‘class’ (classes are small program written separately which can be used by different programs and it performs the same function on the inputs provided) to be used in the main program. While I was engulfed in the mesh of algorithm, I heard a dog barking outside. I know it was a dog bark as no one else bark like that.

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Killing the darkness of the soul? #atozchallenge

indexI looked around. It was dark. I asked myself “Who am I?”

It was 3:15 am. I was in my balcony. I knew this was not the right time to be outside. As per my belief this was the time when ghosts used to return back to their houses.

But, today I was not scared.

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