Amnesia, love and my brain ?

images21That day I was busy writing a Java program, in fact I was writing a ‘class’ (classes are small program written separately which can be used by different programs and it performs the same function on the inputs provided) to be used in the main program. While I was engulfed in the mesh of algorithm, I heard a dog barking outside. I know it was a dog bark as no one else bark like that.

And then I stopped writing. How do I know it is a dog, and it is not a cat or an elephant? Because I know the bark and it’s a typical for a dog. I don’t know the type of dog it is, whether it is a lab, retriever or a street dog. But I definitely know it is a dog.

Did the bark itself is a ‘class’? Or in other terms does the bark follow a certain pattern? So, as soon as I heard it my brain matches that pattern with an existing database and informs me that it belongs to a dog class and identifies it as dog bark. That clearly shows that lots of such patterns or ‘classes’ are written in our brain itself. And brain calls them as soon as something aligning to such patterns happens and we identify that.

And then I related it to myself. I realized as we grow old we became wise because we have created lot of patterns in our brains. We call that as experience. And whenever we get a problem or a situation we match that with the similar existing patterns in our brain and come up with a solution. All big institutions teaching management just do that, they try is to teach student to react to situation. Students are given lots of different situation and they solve them in best possible way. That creates a pattern in their mind, so that in reality also whenever such situation comes, they know how to react.

But then, what will happen if these patterns are wiped out of my brain? I will hear the bark of the dog but I will not be able to identify that it is a dog bark. I will not be able to identify potatos or tomatos. Or I will not able to say that tomatos are red in colour. Or in most cruel sense I will not be able to identify my wife, my child, my parents and so on. Some people call it dementia. But then, dementia is normally caused by severe blow to certain brain parts mainly during a stroke or an accident.

Can I create amnesia (ability to retrieve information in brain) on my own? Do, I really need a stroke or a sever blow to a specific portion of the brain to cause amnesia. Can I really try and forget all the existing patterns that are created in my brain as I grew old?

It may sound absurd. But, on thinking deeply, I realized, I do forget things which I considered as irrelevant or not important. What is that then? I intentionally don’t create a pattern in my brain in those circumstances.

When I am in love, or think I am in love in the present time. I keep on thinking about that girl. And with that I keep on creating patterns in my brains. But if I try looking into the past or my teenage days, do I really remember when I was first attracted to a girl? Or what was in that girl that attracted me? Or what she was wearing on the first time when I saw her.

Under normal circumstance I forget all those. I made that history and the brain forgot all those. But I only kept on the ‘feelings’ as the pattern. So, when ever I see a girl, the feeling pattern is matched and I know what that is.

We can’t keep in our mind all minutes details of whatever has happened in our past. We just keep details which we think are important. The rest things are just used to create patterns. As soon as I go near my mom, I feel good, cared, loved, secure. This is a pattern created by my brain for my mother. Similarly when I go near my girlfriend the feeling pattern are different. And I have just associated that person with that feelings. So, then all I am doing is experiencing things to create patterns in my brain. And this makes me smart and wiser to handle people and situation around me.

The fact is that we all delete patterns. Though we don’t realize but we do delete things which we feel are not important. Thus, to conclude, I can erase patterns as I wish and I can create new pattern as and when I want. I don’t have to wait for amnesia to remove the existing patterns. I can do it and I normally do it.

I am just a Java program, and I recall ‘class’ or ‘sub-calss’ automatically like a normal software program. The good thing is the program can crash anytime if it can’t locate a class or doesnot find a loop.

I just have to change the girls face and recall the same feeling patterns or ‘classes’ and I can be in love with lots of girls at the same time ..

4 thoughts on “Amnesia, love and my brain ?

  1. What a nice way to elaborate modern days love. I seriously sometimes think are they using classes 🙂 Just to change the girl and every other things will remain same…


    • yes .. it is true.. and i feel sorry for them as they dont understand what true feeling is all about. It’s not a thing about just recalling a program … its much more than that .. and thanks for sharing your views… it keeps encouraging me ..


  2. patterns are set based on the reactions each person gives. No two person is the same… how can you feel the same way about different girls when they do not display same behavior pattern??!


    • Of course different girls or boys generate display different behavior patterns… but don’t we call each one just love. Don’t we fall in love again… what i feel is that the inner core is just feeling.. and it is not person centric.
      There are two types of memory – one which is learned by memorizing things.. the other by learning through experiencing… And we normally forget the ones which are learned by memorizing. For e.g it is very difficult to remember what colour shirt your boyfriend was wearing 5 yrs back on the 1st of May. But you will remember the first time he hugged you (you still may not remember what was the colour of his shirt on the day he hugged you). You remembered the hug because it was an experience, a feeling. so, it hardly matters what behaviour the other person portrays, all that matters is how we feel and what we remember.


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