her last look …

There was that unsaid sadness in her eyes. She looked at me and tears rolled out from her eyes.

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the shattered heart still beats for you !!!

wyllaI am shattered, 

but I know I still love you

U are still there, somewhere in those shattered pieces 

I am just living with a hope 

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Am I impossible ?

index1 Am I really impossible? Or within the shades of these impossibilities lies the beauty of a greater possibility. But is someone really interested to look towards that greater possibility. May be they are quite happy with the superficial life that they hang around ourselves and call it their satisfied life. Aren’t we all scared to take that extra step, dig a little more, push an extra inch to find out what lies ahead?

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Everything about us… was just a lie …

images 5This time when she is not with me, I am not sure how I am feeling. Yes, I wanted to know her. As I always want to know a new person. (explanation being that it would help me in understanding myself better). But I knew that in order to proceed to deeper understanding of each other, we need to have some spark between us.

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Soulmate …. WHO ?

index54Who is She? Does she exists?

Will I really recognize her the moment I see her? I have read numerous theories and blogs of this topic. And have concluded that if I am spiritually advance soul, then there will bells ringing, there will 100 Watts bulb glowing all over me as soon as I see her.

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Living an Intense Life ?

images12“I don’t understand relationships” I said in frustration

“Why is that?” She asked with a smile

“Because of the simple reason that when I am ready to go length to keep this relationship intact, I don’t see the same sort of effort from your side.

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