Why I am like this?

Man standing in rain at ocean“Why are you like this?” came the question from her as I was expecting.

I am like what? Do I really know what I am like? Do I know what I am?

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Living an Intense Life ?

images12“I don’t understand relationships” I said in frustration

“Why is that?” She asked with a smile

“Because of the simple reason that when I am ready to go length to keep this relationship intact, I don’t see the same sort of effort from your side.

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The love or just Lust ?

index1I looked at nice curves of her lips. I was instantly tempted to kiss them, however, controlled myself. She was saying something, and I was hardly listening to her words. I was just concentrating on how her lips were moving when she was making different sounds.

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Searching for soulmate ?

wyllaIt was one fine morning, I was reading the newspaper alongside enjoying my morning cup of tea.

I didn’t even realize what she was doing until she came near and asked me politely “I have noticed that you are changing”.

“Changing means?” I frowned

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