Soulmate …. WHO ?

index54Who is She? Does she exists?

Will I really recognize her the moment I see her? I have read numerous theories and blogs of this topic. And have concluded that if I am spiritually advance soul, then there will bells ringing, there will 100 Watts bulb glowing all over me as soon as I see her.

I will just know the moment I see her and then my life will change. She will be the one who will change me, lead me to salvation, keep me happy etc. etc. But then few thoughts brushed through my mind.

What if those reactions never happen in my life? Will I still be able to recognize her? What happens if I never meet her? How many of us can truly say that they have met their soulmates? If I don’t meet her, my life will be destroyed, isn’t it? Or maybe I have to spend my time with someone called as ‘Life mate’? I suppose meeting and spending time with a soulmate will be wonderful. Just imagine, you don’t have to say a single word and she will understand whatever you want to say. Wow, that will be great. But then what will we talk about, anyway she will already know what I want to say and what I am thinking. I fail to understand God’s agenda in creating a soulmate for me?

The second thought that crossed my mind was what if the reactions like ringing bells, glowing bulbs etc. happens with two or three girls. Say I meet someone and by the reaction around me I realize that she is my soulmate. But then after some years I meet another girl and the same sort of reactions happen again. How will I know which one is the true soulmate? No where it is written that I can have only one soulmate. What if God created multiple copies of our soulmates? What if the concept of parallel universe comes true and we have many copies of soulmates? Well, nothing bad in having multiple soulmates, isn’t it?

The third and most disturbing thought occurred to me regarding soulmate was that if I don’t know what I want, how can I get a soulmate. In other words, in order to get a soulmate I have to be very sure about myself, I have to understand myself perfectly. If I don’t know about myself, what I want, what I like, etc. etc. how can I even except that there will be a soulmate who will understand me and do or give me what I want. So in other words I will never know who is my soulmate?

In order to understand the true meaning of soulmate I have to become spiritually advance soul, wherein I know myself and I understand myself truly in all senses. But do I? Is this the reason why we don’t get soulmates? But then the question comes in, if I am trying to be an advanced soul, which I can’t become by having an emotional expectation with anyone, can I still except to be hit by a soulmate. I mean what is the need here? If I am happy with what I am, if I know what I want, and if I am contended with whatever I have, why do I even need something called as soulmate? Of course some will say that you don’t have to need a soulmate, it is there and it will just come to meet you. The question that I am thinking is if I am happy with myself and spiritually advanced in terms of controlling my emotions and thoughts, what will I do with my soulmate? Or rather what role she will play in my life?

But then, I spent many hours thinking about this whole concept of soulmates and then I thought maybe both of us can move towards spiritual advancement. An advanced soul meeting and interacting with another advanced soul, how interesting? An advanced relationship which is far beyond mere emotional expectations, where words are not exchanged rather feelings are exchanged and understood, where silence has a meaning. Well, not impossible and would be rather interesting.

Is it really possible in this materialistic world to even think about it? The concept of true soulmate comes to picture only when I can certify that I know myself in purest form. If I know exactly what I want, what I feel, why I feel etc. etc. then may be I can search for a soulmate to have an interesting discussion.

But then, someone once said, searching and running after a soulmate is another way of losing her. May be I kept on searching for her somewhere else when she was with me all the time? May be I didn’t recognize her because I didn’t recognize myself. Maybe my lifemate is the one and only soulmate …

This post is inspired by Indiblogger Indispire Edition 50, topic -‘Soulmate not necessarily is lifemate. What do you feel?’ … #soumate

6 thoughts on “Soulmate …. WHO ?

  1. Sir awesome thought. But sir hope of meeting a soulmate brings us to our life mate. May be the life mate can become a soulmate with the passage of time. But the idea and expectation of soulmate is alwz there. Somewhere in our lifemate we keep on searching our soulmate. The qualities, attribute our expectations.


    • Very true, Just a request, read my another post on this topic titled ‘Searching for Soulmate’. I think that will answer your query. Our searching for soulmate is where the problem lies, because somewhere we are not very sure what actually we are searching for … anyway thanks for reading my post and posting your comments.


  2. Hey there! … seeing you after a long time .. donno if I missed out here or you were not active ?
    Well nice post as always – quite intense .. it resonated well with me 🙂
    Soulmate to me is like Kasturi of Kasturi Mrig …


    • well, I was not active for some time (was trying to get some explanations). Hope I can maintain regularity from now on and yes thanks for liking and commenting on my post. You are one of the regular motivator.

      Liked by 1 person

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