The MALE and FEMALE relationship ? (Part – II concluded)

images2Shiela was shocked. What is he saying? She was not expecting such a statement from him. She couldn’t say anything for few moments. But, then asked “What are you saying? What I don’t understand? What’s happening here?”

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The MALE and FEMALE relationship ? (part – I)

images2“This is how you park the car? Who do you think you are? You are creating this whole traffic jam and you are not even bothered?” the guy shouted at the top of his voice along with lot of foul words and then gave two tight slaps to the driver of the car.

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The love or just Lust ?

index1I looked at nice curves of her lips. I was instantly tempted to kiss them, however, controlled myself. She was saying something, and I was hardly listening to her words. I was just concentrating on how her lips were moving when she was making different sounds.

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Past … any other way out?

images5Sitting in one corner of the bed in my dark room I closed my eyes and started counting from 1. I tried to visualize the numerical ‘1’ forming in the sky. I saw the ‘1’, its border made by straight lines with shinny sky blue crystals. It was a big and bright ‘1’ hanging up in the sky. As the ‘1’ was vaporizing slowly in the sky, the ‘2’ came from the right side to take its position. It was big and bright too.

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The Thin, Bald, Shabbily dressed God !!!

cropped-20110909220403_334.jpgI saw that building and the architecture intrigued me. The top of the building was in circular shape while the mid portion was more or less a rectangular type with a complex curve in between. The curve was probably signifying the organization’s logo or something.

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