The Thin, Bald, Shabbily dressed God !!!

cropped-20110909220403_334.jpgI saw that building and the architecture intrigued me. The top of the building was in circular shape while the mid portion was more or less a rectangular type with a complex curve in between. The curve was probably signifying the organization’s logo or something.

The lower portion of the building was divided into three parts. Seriously a marvel, I must say.

As I was admiring the architecture of the building, suddenly I felt tremors. Everything around me was sort of vibrating. I could not stand properly. I tried to control my shaking legs and looked around for something to hold on to. I saw the tree nearby and ran for it. Holding the tree I was stable enough. In the meantime the tremors also stopped. May be a small earthquake, I thought and came to open as everything was okay now.

Just by curiosity I looked at the building which I was admiring just before the tremors. What? There’s no building? I could not believe, how come there is no building which was right here standing with its beautiful architecture. The earthquake was not strong enough to collapse the building. Then, what happened to the building?

I could not comprehend as to what was happening. My brain was not working now and I was sweating profusely now. I looked at the sun. The sun was just above my head, my eyes almost got blindfolded by its strong rays. For a few seconds everything went dark. I rubbed my eyes and tried to adjust them by looking at the ground. Once they were normal, I again looked at the building. Nope, Nothing was there?

Suddenly, again I felt the tremors. Everything seems to be shaking this time. I looked at tree and decided to run for it. The tree was shaking this time, but still I started running towards it. And then just before my eyes, the tree just vanished. Gone, simply gone.

I could not believe it. What is happening here? I looked around. Everything was vaporizing now, first the building, then the tree, now everything…

I kept on standing there in the middle of the road, horrifyingly looking at things vaporizing one by one. And then when the tremors stopped. I was alone. There was simply nothing around me. Everything vanished.

I was profusely sweating now. I could bear the heat. Something is wrong. Something is happening to me also.

And with a burst, I opened my eyes. The fan had stopped moving. Oh ! not again. No current. This load shredding will kill me one day, I cursed. And this heat had made me sweat like this. And god knows what I had dreamt…

I could not stay in the bed, so I got up to went to the balcony for some fresh air. Standing in the balcony I looked around. Why so silence today? No horns, no shouting, something strange? No one in the street also?

An unknown fear gripped me. I yelled for Deepak (the security guard of the building), but no response. Then I tried calling Shiva (the tea vendor) near our building gate, still no response. I was getting restless. Something is really wrong. I took the t-shirt along as I walked outside my room.

When I reached downstairs of my building, I was shocked. No one was there. Not even a single soul, not even a dog or a cat nearby. I ran towards the main road. I was numb once I reached there. Nothing, simply nothing was there. No car, or bike, no cycle, no human nothing. All streets were just empty.

I could not believe anything. It has never happened, it is not possible also. The main road is a busy street, it can’t be empty. What about the people, vendors, buses? Where have they gone? I felt like shouting and calling someone. But again, felt stupid to do that. What should I do now?

Where has everyone gone?

And then I heard his voice. “Everyone is here only. It’s just that you are alone. You don’t see anyone”

Finally I saw that thin, balding shabbily dressed man walking towards me. I could not stop my anger “What the hell? Who are you? And where have all people gone?”

He smiled and said “I told you. Everyone is here. But still you are just alone, and you don’t see anyone”

I felt like smashing his face, I yelled loudly at him “See, I am really disturbed right now. So, don’t eat up my brain. If you don’t have any other work then just get the hell out of here”

He kept on smiling. He was quite near me now. I looked at his face closely. No, I have never seen him earlier.

I could not control my temper. I shouted “Who the hell are you?”

Now he said “By the way, some people call me God”

I looked sternly at him and said “Huh!!! One more time you say you are god, and I will smash your face with my hand. Now, if you have any idea then tell me what is happening, some curfew or what? Where is everyone?”

He laughed “You created this mess. You lied to yourself. You created this pseudo life around you, so that you can tell everyone that you are alone and get their sympathy. The fact is that you just wanted importance and you always wanted people to look out for you, care for you. You are simply an emotionally weak person. But no, you won’t accept it. So I showed you today what being alone is and I will keep it like that for you”

As soon as I finished my sentence I saw white smoke engulfing him. Soon he was covered with all white smoke. And within a split second, he was gone. Now nothing was there in the place where he was standing. He just vaporized in front of me.

I was just alone there. JUST ALONE.

But who cares … whether people stay around me or not and no matter what that thin, bald, shabbily dressed person say … I just know that people with advanced souls are always ALONE.

(I seriously expect feedback on this post…)

4 thoughts on “The Thin, Bald, Shabbily dressed God !!!

    • advanced soul is one who understands the meaning and depth of life, who can be in relationships without mere expectations, who lives life at present time without worrying about past or future.
      One who is happy within himself and sees happiness all around, who is disciplined and looks for eternal peace. .


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