The MALE and FEMALE relationship ? (part – I)

images2“This is how you park the car? Who do you think you are? You are creating this whole traffic jam and you are not even bothered?” the guy shouted at the top of his voice along with lot of foul words and then gave two tight slaps to the driver of the car.

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The rain and my love story !!!

thumbIt was raining that day when I came out of office. And I could not resist myself. When the first few drops of rain hit me, I felt so relieved. It felt so good.

I started walking in the rain and soon I was totally wet. It felt so nice and refreshing. It made me happy within. As I was walking, I saw her.

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I solved the puzzle, I learned a lesson ?

images28Lying in the bed I kept looking at the ceiling. I saw a big maze of unsolved puzzles. My life seemed to be surrounded by such puzzles. I have to solve each puzzle, I have to find a way out in each aspect of my life.

Story 1

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