The MALE and FEMALE relationship ? (part – I)

images2“This is how you park the car? Who do you think you are? You are creating this whole traffic jam and you are not even bothered?” the guy shouted at the top of his voice along with lot of foul words and then gave two tight slaps to the driver of the car.

 Just little far from the scene, Raj and Shiela were sitting in their car waiting for the traffic to clear

Shiela said “This is good, these people who create this havoc of traffic jam with their senseless parking should be slapped like this” and looked at her husband, Raj.

Raj was looking at the scene, but didn’t comment anything.

Soon their car cleared the traffic jam and so they went ahead to their destinations.

Later that day, just after dinner, when shiela came to her bedroom after washing and cleaning all her dishes and kitchen, saw Raj in the study table.

“Are you planning to study tonight also” she asked him

“Hmmm” came Raj’s reply.

She lowered the temperature of the AC by one degree and went near the dressing mirror, just to continue her daily routine to comb her hair and put some ointments on her face. She looked at her image in the mirror for sometime. “I am growing old, you know. My face no longer look fresh” she announced, expecting an understanding statement from her husband. Getting no reply, she turned and looked at Raj. He was busy in the book and the laptop.

She continued her observation in the mirror for sometime, before hitting up the bed. Once in the bed she remembered her recent fifth wedding anniversary few months back. And how happy she was to be with Raj on that day, he was laughing, romantic, cracking jokes, making naughty comments and what not. He was a perfect partner that anyone could dream of. Somehow things have changed now, he talks less, remains well in his world. He has stopped reacting to many things now. She decided to talk to him about this and went to sleep.

The next morning, as she placed the breakfast in front of Raj, she said “I need to talk to you. When will you have some free time for me?”

“Something else is really bothering me right now. Can it wait? Is it very important or what?” Raj said without even looking at her.

“No, not very important, but yes I would like to talk as soon as possible” she said without bothering for his looks

“Okay, let’s do it today evening then, after I come from my office” Raj said an got up from his chair.

Shiela, followed him to the door to give him bye. He left without looking back at her. She immediately remembered the days when he always used to kiss her in her forehead before leaving for office. She just closed the door with a long sigh.

She passed the whole day thinking about Raj. She didn’t want to think that Raj has lost interest in her and is now involved in some extra marital affairs. “Raj can’t do that” she almost said aloud. Maybe some office work is bothering him and he can’t share with her. She should understand that. But why did he even stopped looking at her? she was unable to find an answer to that. Somehow the whole day went away like that with lots of questions, answers, explanation, counter-explanations, etc.

In the evening she prepared chola bhatura for him as snacks. He loved them. And as he came back from office, he looked relaxed.

After getting freshen up, Raj came to dinning room and started eating the chola bhatura. She was expecting some reactions from him. But, he didn’t said anything. Shiela decided to talk to him just after he finishes eating.

As Raj went to his study, shiela followed him immediately. “What’s happening, Raj?” She asked him.

“What’s happening? Meaning?” Raj frowned and looked at her

“You are behaving strangely. You don’t talk, you don’t react. You are simply living here, I am just like a acquaintance to you.” Shiela said with a little harsh tone.

“It’s nothing like that. Why are you thinking too much. I told you, something is bothering me a lot these days?” Raj said and took out his laptop

“But then what’s bothering you? Is it another affair?” Shiela could not resist herself

“What? Affair? How can you even think of that? There is nothing like that. I have better things to do than think about a girl at this moment?” Raj shrugged as if nothing has happened

“Then why don’t you tell me what’s happening, what’s bothering you?” Shiela kept her point, she wanted an answer today.

“I don’t know. I think you don’t understand me. I am finding it very difficult to convey my thoughts to you.” Raj said without looking at her

Contd….. ( in part 2)

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