her last look …

There was that unsaid sadness in her eyes. She looked at me and tears rolled out from her eyes.

And the irony was that all her love and care for me just took the shape of tears. I wanted to talk to her and I felt she too wanted to say lot of things to me.

And when she tried opening her mouth to say, I rushed in closer to her. I couldn’t hear anything. It was a moment of sheer helplessness and restlessness as I desperately wanted to hear her voice and I just couldn’t do anything. Doctor’s too couldn’t do anything. I tried listening further, went very close to her face, but all I could hear was her last breath.

My life is now just her last look and those unsaid words.

O god !

I know u have an issue with me,

You could have called me instead,

There has to be something for me to live on,

to lean on,

How many tears you want me to shed,

to grant me a wish,

All day along I try making her picture talk,

to hear her voice again,

I turn every corner, hoping she will be there,

All that I see is my dark shadow,

I just need something to live on,

all faces looks like her face,

every smile is her smile,

every tear of mine is just hers,

still, every moment is just without her,

O god !

Grant me a wish

make me meet her in dream once,

let the dream continue forever,

make me sleep forever,

there has to be a hope for me, 

Something to live on, lean on

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