I can’t be your friend !!!


I felt too tired as I was about to reach my room. I switched off my cell as I just wanted to lie down peacefully without being disturbed by anyway. So the moments I opened the door and entered into my room, I just threw myself in the bed.

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her last look …

There was that unsaid sadness in her eyes. She looked at me and tears rolled out from her eyes.

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The rain and my love story !!!

thumbIt was raining that day when I came out of office. And I could not resist myself. When the first few drops of rain hit me, I felt so relieved. It felt so good.

I started walking in the rain and soon I was totally wet. It felt so nice and refreshing. It made me happy within. As I was walking, I saw her.

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Love and Shattering Glasses ?

images71No matter how long, but I always loved to wait for her. The beauty of watching her from a distance and then walking towards me was too tempting. The way her silky hairs flows all around her face, her artistic body floats with every step and then the smile that comes over her face of seeing her love, is unexplainable and it was all the worth that I wait for.

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Some random thoughts about her ?

images1#1.  I live in a house surrounded by big fence. A ferocious dog guards the gate who barks and bites anyone who dares to intrude through the gate.
No wonder he bit you too and scared you away. Your fault that you didn’t realize, the dog stays within me, he is just part of my soul.

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