The cute girl in the Park !!!


She was trying to climb up ladder in the slide. I kept on watching her. She was probably 3-4 yrs old.   Her hairs were too curly, and she was fat. In in her pink dress with lots of curls, she looked cute.

Somehow she could manage to climb all the stairs in the slide. Once she reached the top, she waited. She looked scared. She was thinking about something, maybe she was trying to gather the courage to go down the slide.

Then she looked around and then at me. I was standing just near the slide slope towards the end. I tried to smile, but she didn’t react. It seemed she was searching for her mother or father. I also looked around, but could not identify her parents. I just saw two men talking nearby.

However, the cute girl could not get the support she was looking for. And finally she again looked at me. This time I smiled and made a gesture, asking her to come down the slide. She kept on looking at me for sometime. Then she sat down, all set to go down the slide.

She kept on looking at me. And then she slide down the slope. As she was about to reach the end, I wanted to catch her just to ensure she didn’t fall. She happily looked at me and then suddenly she vaporized. My hands were empty, she was not there …

I thought she fell down from the slide, so I looked around. But she was not anywhere. I looked at the top of the slide, to my utmost surprise, she was still there, looking at me with a smile. What happened? Didn’t she slide down? Was I dreaming?

I looked around, I could see people talking and walking. Suddenly, there was lots of noise all around. I felt a sudden harsh and severe pain in my head. I pressed my head hard. Everything started moving in circle around me. I was sweating profusely. I could not understand what was happening. I still tried to look at her once again.

She was still there smiling at me. But her face was different now… the smile was cruel… as if she wants to take some revenge… it was insulting smile….

And before I could think anything else I fainted.

Later in hospital bed, I saw few people around me. I asked them what happened. They confirmed, I fainted near the slide in the garden. I asked “Who was that small girl in the slide? Did anyone saw her parents?”

Someone said “There was no small girl. The park was closed for last three days and we were inspecting the park for renovation, you were inspecting the slides. And suddenly you fainted”

I could not say anything. All I remembered was that small girl looking at me with a cruel smile.

I didn’t go to that park again.

6 thoughts on “The cute girl in the Park !!!

      • If so then it is a great work dude. You really presented it in such a way that I became confused whether it is real or a work of fiction. You have all the qualities of becoming a great author 🙂


        • wow .. that’s a big encouraging statement from you.. i am just trying to improve my writing and trying different topics … as u mostly advice … and once again thanks for your tips on blogging …


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