Her piercing laughs …

images4the pause was for long …

Her thoughts were still resonating in my mind. Then I heard her laughs. More laughs. Why is she laughing so loud? Her laughs were creating ripples in my brain. I couldn’t bear it. I covered my ears but nothing changed. Her laughs were so different, it were piercing my heart. Why, Why is she laughing so loud?

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Searching for soulmate ?

wyllaIt was one fine morning, I was reading the newspaper alongside enjoying my morning cup of tea.

I didn’t even realize what she was doing until she came near and asked me politely “I have noticed that you are changing”.

“Changing means?” I frowned

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Women, as I try to understand them ?

UntitledSince time immemorial men have been trying to understand women. (I am not very sure whether women too do the same as they somehow always believe that they understand men better than the men themselves). So, just being part of proud clan of men (claiming to have understood women), I am also making an attempt to express my version of understanding women. Continue reading

Garden of Happiness !!! #atozchallenge

800x800_127840.top(Contains the list of topics I am going to write for atozchallenge)

She entered my room hurriedly, and threw a sheet of paper at me and shouted “Read this”. I took the paper and read it

92% of your worrying is a complete waste of time.

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Decoding a child soul? #atozchallenge

o-KID-WALKING-TO-SCHOOL-facebookI saw them getting up in the train. I was standing in the platform.

The train started moving slowly and I felt like running to them. But couldn’t. I looked around myself, Oh god! I don’t know anyone of them. How can they leave me like this?

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my friendship weapons – (ii) Talk

imagesAfter making the initial step with your eyes, everything boils down to the next main part, that is how you talk. Now, if you cannot talk, then you can never achieve the prime objective of winning hearts. The mantra here is, women are always better in understanding man.


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