My conversation with her – part ii

indexI knew that was an absurd suggestion  “As I told you, there is nothing like positive or negative about emotions. Emotions are just pure emotions, and it’s we who term them either way. If you see rainbow when your are in love, that is just emotion, similarly if you see all darkness around you, it is also part of your emotions.

Now, tell me your version of what is a positive side of love? I am sure you don’t want me to write on different techniques of making love”

I have no doubt that you can write about making love in great details. But, jokes apart, why you don’t write on the spark in people when they are in love, the happier side of being in love. Or you can just write on what you felt when you used to win over girls”, I don’t know whether she was insulting me or making some genuine remarks.

“I always believed that I was writing about reality. I don’t want to write superficial things. Do you really believe it’s so easy to realize what love is all about? Do we really understand the depth in that word ‘love’? For me ‘love’ in its truest feeling of something very very pure, and it’s really difficult to appreciate such pure thing in present day context. And in order to understand such feeling one has to understand everything about himself or herself”. I forwarded my view point to her, “It’s not about writing the brighter side or so called positive side. It’s about understanding life. I mean look at it this way, if you cannot visualize yourself in all type of situation, then you probably don’t understand yourself in a better way. So what’s wrong in understanding the negative aspect of life. And what you called ‘negative’ is in fact the reality of life”.

“Do you understand yourself? As far as I know you are always confused about yourself. I mean I know that you are shy and very insecure. You don’t even realize how interesting you are, you just don’t believe in yourself”, now why is she is talking about what I am? She really knows how to divert the discussions.

“I don’t know whether I am interesting or not. All I know is that I like to observe people. And somehow I understand people, I can see deep inside them and knowingly or unknowingly I just do what they want me to do”, I made an attempt of not understanding her hint.

That’s what I was talking about. You have this special thing in you. I felt it, and I am sure others have felt it too” she was persistent

What special thing are you talking about” I again tried the act of not understanding anything.

Your eyes. They have something in them, they speak. There is this strange unsaid sadness in your eyes. They pierce my heart. When I look in your eyes, I lose myself, I lose track of everything that goes around me. They mesmerize me, they pull me towards you and I can’t even control myself” that was flattery, but I had my feet grounded by now.

Can we just talk about my blog for the time being?” I attempted to continue my serious discussion

And when you look at me in that special way, my knees feel weak. They are just overpowering, I feel like just going closer and closer to you” her voice turned almost to whispering now.

So you want me to write about happy positive things. May be something about my eyes” I kept my professional tone, strong enough not to be disturbed by her provocations.

Yes, you should”, she sounded little harsh, but better and clearer for me.

what else?” what’s wrong in hearing some more good stuff, I thought.

You are a good talker. You just know how to carry on the conversations. I am never out of topics with you”, my guess was right, better things for me


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