Truth about Darkness and Happiness ? #atozchallenge

images5“Yes, I agree life should be lived like a river. But, I am still not convinced. What you are saying seems to be so easy. Right now I am disturbed. I have anger, frustration, darkness inside me. I am not happy” I said with frustrations

God smiled “I can see that”, and continued “I can see that you are taking everything negatively. You can’t see happiness around and you don’t trust people now.”

“Yes, you are right. I find it hard to trust people around me now. I have realized that everything is bound by give and take situations. If I am not in a positive to give anything, people avoid me. No one wants to stay with a person who always wants something or the other”, I said

“Do you really think people achieve happiness by giving someone something? If someone if not giving you something, you are taking it negatively. They also have their own issues. Just let it be like the way it is. Don’t let animosity or negativity creep into yourself and never allow hatred against them. You can survive with whatever you have, all you need to understand is your boundaries. If you are not setting your limitations or your boundaries, then it’s not their mistakes, it’s yours. Concentrate the energy into yourself. You can’t change other people, all you can do is change yourself. So work on it. You will never understand why someone did something to you, so why waste your time on it. Just ensure that you know yourself and how you will conduct yourself in any situation. Try to control your darkness, the hatred, the frustration in you” God said and smiled

“How can I control my darkness” I asked immediately

“Darkness for me is nothing but an energy. All you need to do is to put this energy into a different direction. Darkness can sometimes bring in extreme creativity in you. This darkness inside is making you introspect different aspect of life. It is forcing you to understand things in different perspective. And as you will find answers that you are looking for, you will be able to harness your negativity into something wonderful and creative. As an example, since you are an painter, you will know that frustrations and negativity has given birth to some of the remarkables paintings by some known painters. These are creations worth noticing. They put their negative energy into something which is creative. So instead of spending this negative energy in destroying you, your life, give it a direction” god smiled and said all this. I was contemplating each sentence. It was too much for me. Everything he said was so deep and so correct.

“But then, how can I be happy in my dark phases”, I asked

“Dark phases are known to exist when you are facing situation which are not according to what you wish for. We react to them badly, and let these situations effects the very core of us. So, you just do the opposite. Take darkness as part of your life, face it, learn from it. If you understand yourself perfectly then you know how you will react to each different difficult situations. And then it won’t be a problem at all. You just face it in the best possible way. And then you have to realize that you can’t control it. So try not to let it hamper your soul. Try to keep your soul at peace and work for its happiness. Try to find out ways by which you can give time to yourself, your soul and be happy. If you can find this balance, you will be happiest person in earth”



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