Welcoming happiness, his way? #atozchallenge

rickshawBefore Six months from today

 “How much this rickshaw cost you” I asked the rickshaw puller as I boarded his rickshaw

“I purchased it at Rs.16,000 sir”, he said. He was a polite young chap.

“And how you arranged for that money”, I kept on my queries

“Oh, I had savings of around Rs.5000 and rest I took as loan form a bank”, he said while pushing the rickshaw hard on the uphill.

“Now, are you happy plying this rickshaw”, I asked

“Yes, very much, this rickshaw is easier to pull, and also I am earning more. In the last three months I have already repaid some amount of the loan and I am sure in the next six month, the rickshaw will be mine”, he sounded so confident and assured of his hard work.

As on today

 As I boarded the same rickshaw, I asked him “So, I hope your loan is over by now. You said you will cover the loan within the next six month”

He smiled and said “yes sir, I did. I am now the full owner of this rickshaw. Also, I have taken two new rickshaws on loan as the bank manager liked my hard work and zeal”

I could not stop myself from asking “How can you do so much in such heat. This summer time is terrible now a day”

He kept his smile “If I think about heat sir, I will not be happy at the end of the day as I will have nothing to eat. I don’t care about the heat all I want is peace at the end of the day and feed my family as per my capacity”

“Oh that’s great. I hope you become the new successful and happiest business man of this town now” I also felt happy for him as I saw his happy face, full of proud and peace with achievement of success.

Later that day

In front of the mirror in my office rest room, I straightened my tie and looked at the mobile. No message from the bank, my salary is still not credited it seems. I had requested my boss to give advance half salary this time. I have to buy an AC for my home. It’s too hot now a day.

I looked at the mirror and laughed. The richshaw puller seems to be a wealthier and happier person than me?

Is my happiness costlier than that of rickshaw puller? Why I can’t get happy with simple things in life?

I want to welcome happiness, I sure want, but am I trying to find happiness somewhere else…


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5 thoughts on “Welcoming happiness, his way? #atozchallenge

  1. That’s a true masterpiece story to explain happiness and the world’s race behind it. Correlation with money is explained so beautifully. Carries a lot of insights for me to think deep. Thanks for writing such an awesome one, simpler the story, more powerful it is.


  2. We are the credit card generation. We seem to be following US lifestyle, where they get and spend weekly payslips. Our age-old mantra of ‘save for a rainy day’ needs to be pulled out of the wastepaper basket.


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