the another week

standing-aloneAnd many days passed like that, me still waiting for her, Subu still pressurizing me to approach Simi. It was one of those days when something interesting happened.

On that day we had a surprise class test on communication subject. And predictably enough I did horribly bad. But, I was glad that at least some of my classmates joined my fate.

After the class, I went to canteen with two of my best buddies Sudip and Imdad. We three were known in the class as closest friends and we were always together anytime anywhere in the campus.

Sudip, with those unmanaged curly hairs and specs was the smart and witty one, and was almost always ready to loose his heart to every other girl on the block. I always find it fascinating to see his eye shines when he sees a beautiful girl. But in the core, he was one of the best and most trust worthy guy I ever met. I always like the way he used to define feelings, so truly and practically. He was a voracious reader, and could always quote something from some books on any occasions. And not the least my best smoking partner.

Imdad, the lean and thin guy, with long hairs, always pretended to be some hero. He was loud, carefree and never cared about girls. He was just mad about his bike and he could talk about anything under the sky. Though he always project this ‘don’t care attitude’, but in true sense he was a much focused guy and he exactly knew what he wanted in life. He wanted money and a lot of it. Whatever it was, he was always with me with his bike, no matter what.

So, just outside the canteen, we were discussing the class test. Imdad, as usual started showing his discomfort as we continued our discussion. Suddenly I saw that brightness in Sudip’s eyes. I knew that shine. I looked around and saw them. There were three girls walking towards the canteen. The way they were walking it was clear that they were fresher’s. As I watched them coming, I noticed her, the girl in blue kurta, there was something different about her.

And before we could discuss anything, Imdad shouted “Hey freshers, come this side”

All three of them came near us and stood in front of us almost in attention position. I looked at her closely. She was fair, had short straight hair, which almost touched her shoulders and she was cute. I didn’t even notice the other girls. I could not stop staring at her.

“So you all are fresher’s, what’s your name? Do you know who we are?” Sudip tried a mature toned voice

“I am Tina, she is Lona, and she is Snigdha and you all are seniors from third year” one of them replied obediently.

So her name is Lona. And before anyone could say anything, I said “Lona, you are really cute, and I am sure you have been approached or proposed by many seniors by now. If you have made a list, I want you to keep my name on the top of the list. And whenever you decide on selecting someone, pls. choose me as the first preference”

As soon as I finished the sentence, I could not believe what I said and how I said it. What was I thinking?

Sudip and Imdad immediately gave me that sharp unapproved look. But, I already said it. So what’s the point?

And before they say anything else, I said “Now you can go girls. Lona please remember this, I will be waiting for your answer”.

As they were leaving, she looked at me. There was something in her eyes. She looked fragile, sad, lonely and something. And that something, well, I could not make out.

After they left, Sudip and Imdad burst out laughing.

“I have never in my life seen such a bad way of proposing someone” Sudip said laughing

Imdad tried giving a rational explanation by supporting me “I think it’s love at first sight. Didn’t you see the way both looked at each other, it was platonic. I am sure there will be a Romeo Juliet story soon”

Sudip also added “Yes, I think she will accept it. She also seemed to in love with him”

And we all laughed out loud. All three of us knew, it didn’t meant anything. It was just to divert ourselves from the bad day that we had.

That night while I was sharing the whole incidence with Subu, he got surprised and angry at the same time.  “What is this yaar? I am trying to make your connection with Simi and you did this. Do you even know who Lona is?

“I told you it’s nothing, my mind was somewhere else and I just said it, it does not mean anything. And I am sure it didn’t meant anything for her also. You know this is like a culture in our college, seniors send their proposal to many fresher’s, so let it just like any other one. I think all freshers also know about this, and they hardly take this seriously. So forget it”

“Are you sure, you didn’t felt anything? I mean this was not expected out of you.  You have never shown any serious interest in any girl so far” Subu was probing further.

“Forget it, you and your deductions. My day was already bad, so let’s end it now. For me Lona chapter is closed” I tried running away from that discussion.

Later lying in the bed I thought. Was there really nothing? Why did I suddenly reacted that way with her? Was it really love at first sight? Is Lona  my soulmate ? How do I know whether she’s the one I was waiting for? Why can’t I even say what I want in my soulmate?

Somewhere during these thoughts, Lona turned to Lona communication. And I was seeing pillars and wires all around me with analog and digital signals jumping around here and there. And I didn’t realized when I was sound asleep.

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