To Hell with everything !!!

broken-glasses-oil-on-canvas-for-saleYes, to hell with everything. Very strong words to start with, but who cares !!!

Every thing that I have done, I have always had come with an explanation. And every thing turns out to be just a mess up.

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A breathe of fresh air ?

images72That day in middle of the night it happened. The chest pain was sudden and extremely painful. It was getting difficult for me to breathe now. My chest was not expanding properly, it was as if something stuck into my lungs and it is not allowing me to breathe. I was gasping for more air. The uneasiness was unexplainable. The more I try to take air inside my lungs, the more pain I had in my chest.

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Decoding a child soul? #atozchallenge

o-KID-WALKING-TO-SCHOOL-facebookI saw them getting up in the train. I was standing in the platform.

The train started moving slowly and I felt like running to them. But couldn’t. I looked around myself, Oh god! I don’t know anyone of them. How can they leave me like this?

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