I solved the puzzle, I learned a lesson ?

images28Lying in the bed I kept looking at the ceiling. I saw a big maze of unsolved puzzles. My life seemed to be surrounded by such puzzles. I have to solve each puzzle, I have to find a way out in each aspect of my life.

Story 1

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what my eyes are to you?

index100I was deeply engrossed into the book when she said,“Why are your eyes so painful”

“Are they? I never realized that?” I said, clearly showing no interest in that discussion

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my friendship weapons – (ii) Talk

imagesAfter making the initial step with your eyes, everything boils down to the next main part, that is how you talk. Now, if you cannot talk, then you can never achieve the prime objective of winning hearts. The mantra here is, women are always better in understanding man.


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the hidden faces

UntitledI got up in the bus from the front side. (in my place, you can get up in the bus from either door – front or back). There was a seat uniquely placed in the front; it was facing all the other seats in the bus. I took that seat, now I could see everyone inside the bus.

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