her mesmerizing eyes…

Mynaa film actress amala paul  romantic eyes wallpapersAgain the feeling of uneasiness is creeping within me. There is something inside me which is disturbing me again. Maybe I am getting frustrated, about something or on something.

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The deep scar within him…

8515738567_fccc345624_mFew people took out the body like structure from the truck and placed it in the ground. Sid’s uncle pushed him and brought him near the structures. One of the man removed the cover from the structures and Sid saw his parent’s bodies. Continue reading

I don’t have anything to write ???

untitled3I am trying to write something, but I don’t have a story or a thought. I am thinking hard but I don’t find anything tempting enough to convert it into a story. I am meeting people; I am trying to find a clue in their personal lives; I am looking at nature, everywhere, but No, nothing is interesting enough to take away my precious time.

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A breathe of fresh air ?

images72That day in middle of the night it happened. The chest pain was sudden and extremely painful. It was getting difficult for me to breathe now. My chest was not expanding properly, it was as if something stuck into my lungs and it is not allowing me to breathe. I was gasping for more air. The uneasiness was unexplainable. The more I try to take air inside my lungs, the more pain I had in my chest.

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