Stereotyping Myself ???

images5Last few months I have encountered a new confusion. When I started writing for my blog, I was not worried about the readers or audience. In fact I was not very much aware of the blog thing. It started all because of curiosity and some hidden agenda.

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You don’t need their approval ?

index2Are you concerned that someone didn’t approve your action? Are you spending too much time in looking for approval from others? Think again.

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Controlling thoughts, Controlling feelings – Being Happy ?

images29For the past one hour, she was trying to read that book. And every time I looked at her, she was in different position trying to adjust her reading posture. I could easily make out that she was not enjoying the book, her mind was somewhere else.

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Can I kill my soul? #atozchallenge

illus0144Day 1 : A Living person without a soul ?
Day 2 : Being happy in life ?
Day 3 : Can I kill my soul ? 

 When I came out from office that day, it was late. There were very few people in the road. Anyway, I started walking in the alley which joins the main road. I always enjoy this walk to my home from office; it fills me with fresh energy, gives me time to think and look around at people.

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