Does face matters?

wyllaSuddenly, every thing around me is silent and peaceful. Is it dangerous? Is it a signal of a storm which is about to hit me?

Why am I so scared with silence? Why shouldn’t I be? For someone whose life has always been surrounded with noise and disturbances, it is obvious that I will be impatient with all silence and peace surrounding me.

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Increasing Self Belief !!! #atozchallenge

imagesAs I started following regime and a time table for everything, I started realizing that now I have more than enough time for doing things which I like. I always liked paintings. Now, I was able to devote full one hour to my hobby, without affecting any other work.


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Easy to be Happy, is it? #atozchallenge

images12My day started with the morning like any other day. I came out in the balcony with the brush in my hand. I always feel lazy in the morning, and I hate brushing since childhood. In fact, I just hate things which are routine.


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